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                About USConcentrate Innovate GrowUp

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                About US

                       StonePlus Thermal Management Technologies Limited commit to R&D, production, consult and service on thermal management which involve thermal conductivity, thermolysis field as well as new materials. Basing on Institute of Coal Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences, StonePlus provide one stop service involving thermal analysis, thermal design, thermal test and thermal consult, the series products are being used by leading brands in various field such as Communication, IT, Industry, Power supply etc. It is the same level with international first-class for thermal conductivity technology and performance. StonePlus is the only enterprise serving various smartphone manufacture nearby which has complete TGS production line in Southern China. We aim at being the leading brand in the thermal management. StonePlus has been certified by ISO9001:2008, quality is above everything else for us. As more and more thermal issues happening for increasingly rich electronic products, StonePlus would like to improve the end user experience continuously.

                Development History

                Development History

                Qulity System

                Qulity System

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